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Chernivtsi-Wroclaw bus tickets

Buy a ticket Chernivtsi-Wroclaw is most rational for the bus. After all, a ticket for the Chernivtsi-Wroclaw bus allows you to get to your destination as quickly and economically as possible! Still, the distance is not so significant that it was necessary to fly by plane. And for the next bus on the route Chernivtsi-Wroclaw, the ticket price is really low, despite the fact that the buses of the company "East West Eurolines" are more than comfortable! Folding seat backs, serviceable air conditioners, wireless Internet... Why not take a bus ticket in this case?

Buses Chernivtsi Wroclaw - travel with comfort

On the official website of the company "East West Eurolines" it is very easy to buy tickets for the bus Chernivtsi-Wroclaw. The ticket price will be calculated directly in the schedule, as soon as you indicate that you are interested in the route Chernivtsi-Wroclaw, bus. The ticket price will please you-the company "East West Eurolines" it is really low! In addition, there are discounts for beneficiaries. And when you choose a flight, you can also choose a seat in the bus cabin. Tickets can be booked, and can be redeemed immediately. The online payment system "Privat24", any terminal of "PrivatBank", payment card or money transfer are offered as payment tools. After payment, you will receive an e-ticket to Wroclaw from the company "East West Eurolines". Don't forget to print it out!

Flight schedule from Chernivtsi to Wroclaw

Buses from Chernivtsi depart from the railway bus station, which is located at the address vul. Gagarina 38. To Wroclaw, regular flights from Chernivtsi arrive at the Wroclaw bus station, vul. Dry 1/11. Buses depart from Chernivtsi to Wroclaw twice a day at lunchtime and in the evening. To find out the exact flight schedule, use the search form by selecting the desired date.

We are going to the magical city of Wroclaw!

Wroclaw, according to general beliefs,is a city of dwarves. Gnomes in Wroclaw are everywhere: sculptural or painted-they adorn the city. Many people come to Wroclaw and count the dwarves to make wishes - there is believe I that they will definitely come true! But not only tourists go to see the gnomes and admire the beautiful architecture. There are a lot of Ukrainians in Wroclaw! Someone comes under an employment contract to work in Wroclaw for a few years and return home "with money". Someone is studying at a university-a diploma from any Polish university automatically means all the certificates of the European Union, and this is the door to the future! And everyone who goes to Wroclaw, we are ready to deliver there as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We are waiting for your orders!