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Buy bus tickets Lodz - Lviv

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Tickets: Lodz, Poland - Lviv, Ukraine
Departure Time Stop Arrival time Stop Ticket price
01:05 Lodz, Łódź, BS, Dworzec Kaliska ul. Wlokniarzy 11:35 Lviv, BS "Dvirtsevyy", Dvirtseva Sq, 1 (1-2 платформа) 1050 грн.
Flight route: Lodz - Lviv

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Bus Tickets Lodz - Lviv

Bus Tickets Lodz - Lviv

Bus tickets Lodz-Lviv

Many people, having decided to buy a Lodz-Lviv ticket, prefer to take a bus ticket. Lodz-Lviv-the route is not very long, but it will still be nice to sleep on the road, for which good buses have folding seat backs and air conditioners work well. And for those who prefer not to sleep, there is Wi-Fi on the buses. Thanks to the Internet, you can work, study, communicate, have fun - whatever your heart desires. But how much do such wonderful tickets cost?

Lodz-Lviv, bus: ticket price

For the bus Lodz-Lviv, the ticket price from the East West Eurolines company is low. To learn more about it, take a look at the official website of our company, indicate that you are interested in a bus heading along the route Lodz-Lviv. The ticket price will be calculated immediately, and discounts for beneficiaries will be indicated. You will be able to choose a flight at a convenient time, you can also choose a seat in the bus cabin. You can book a ticket to your favorite place, or you can buy it right away. Both in the company's office and remotely, ticket payment is accepted without problems. You can pay through the online payment system "Privat24", you can-with a bank card, as well as terminals of "Privatbank" and a bank money transfer service. After payment, we will send you an e-ticket. Do not forget to print it out before returning from Lodz to Lviv!

We are returning from Lodz!

A lot of immigrants from Western Ukraine live in the city of Lodz, who sometimes go home to their relatives through Lviv. People work under a labor contract - Lodz is a very large industrial center only one hundred and twenty kilometers from Warsaw. There are a lot of jobs there and they pay well. You can save money (the employer provides accommodation) and return home a well-off person. There are also many students. Among other things, there is a famous film school in Lodz. It trains not only undergraduate students from all over Europe who want to get a serious European education in the field of cinema, but also film artists with a high status who are interested in obtaining a higher degree in this field. It is not surprising that so many people sometimes take tickets from Lodz to Lviv. When joining them, think about the company East West Eurolines - you will not regret it.

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