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Tickets: Lviv, Ukraine - Wroclaw, Poland
Departure Time Stop Arrival time Stop Ticket price
09:00 Lviv, BS "Dvirtsevyy", Dvirtseva Sq, 1 (1-2 платформа) 15:40 Rzeszow, Rzeszow DA PKS, st. Artura Grottgera 1 600 грн. Buy
09:00 Lviv, BS "Dvirtsevyy", Dvirtseva Sq, 1 (1-2 платформа) 17:10 Krakow, 700 грн. Buy
09:00 Lviv, BS "Dvirtsevyy", Dvirtseva Sq, 1 (1-2 платформа) 17:55 Krakow, Міжнародний аеропорт імені Яна Павла II, Kapitana Mieczysława Medweckiego 1 700 грн. Buy
09:00 Lviv, BS "Dvirtsevyy", Dvirtseva Sq, 1 (1-2 платформа) 18:45 Katowice, Dworzec PKS, ul.Sądowa 5 750 грн. Buy
09:00 Lviv, BS "Dvirtsevyy", Dvirtseva Sq, 1 (1-2 платформа) 20:10 Opole, Opole , SINDBAD Port, ul. J.R. Kowalczyków ( Obr.Stalingradu) 900 грн. Buy
09:00 Lviv, BS "Dvirtsevyy", Dvirtseva Sq, 1 (1-2 платформа) 21:30 Wroclaw, Wroclaw Glowny DA PKS, Sucha St, 1/11 900 грн.
Flight route: Lviv - Wroclaw

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Bus Tickets Lviv - Wroclaw

Bus Tickets Lviv - Wroclaw

Lviv-Wroclaw Bus

What could be better than a trip that doesn't last very long, but is also comfortable and enjoyable? We are talking about a bus ride in which the seat backs recline and you can sleep. About a trip on a bus that is not stuffy because the air conditioners work. About a trip on a bus that goes as fast as possible. About traveling on the bus, where you can take any gadget-laptop, tablet, smartphone - and you will have all the benefits of the Internet thanks to Wi-Fi. Insanely, if you need to buy a ticket Lviv-Wroclaw, this bus will be the perfect solution.

Bus schedule from Lviv to Wroclaw

International trips from Lviv to Wroclaw take from the central bus station on Stryjska street 109 and bus station number 8, which is located on Dvirceva square near the railway station. The departure location is shown in the table of search results by direction, which allows you to turn the flight, which is perfectly suitable for the time and location of the station. In Wroclaw, buses arrive at the bus station, which is located on Sukha street, 1/11. From here you can easily reach any part of the city using public transport.


Prices for bus tickets from Lviv to Wroclaw

East West Eurolines is a carrier that really cares about its passengers. You can make sure that our comfortable buses on the Lviv-Wroclaw route have an affordable ticket price. Therefore, almost everyone can afford a trip to Wroclaw. In the company East West Eurolines very simple interface site: just use the search form and you will immediately get a table with the schedule of buses on the route Lviv-Wroclaw, ticket prices, departure and arrival times and available discounts. Choose a flight for the most convenient time, a seat in the cabin from among the available ones, and you can book a ticket. You can not only book a ticket, but also buy it immediately: at the company's office, at any PrivatBank terminal, or at the cash Desk of any Bank by money transfer. Internet payment methods are also available: Privat24 online payment system or Bank card. After payment, a digital ticket will be sent to your email address. you must print it out to provide it to the driver when boarding the bus.

Beautiful, Magical Wroclaw

Wroclaw, you can easily call it a magical city, so if in Lviv, there are Lion everywhere - from stone, granite, ceramic, painted, so Wroclaw can be called the city of gnomes. Tourists can wander around this old European city and enjoy not only the views and architecture, but also the counting of dwarfs, which the locals call malolyudkami. Wroclaw attracts not only tourists - they often go there to study and work. After all, many people want to get a European Union diploma or earn a decent amount of money without going too far from home! And we are ready to help you with this-we will take you to Wroclaw quickly, comfortably and inexpensively.

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