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Tickets: Lviv, Ukraine - Praha, Czech Republic
Departure Time Stop Arrival time Stop Ticket price
16:45 Lviv, Lviv BS "Central", Stryiska St, 109 05:25 Bratislava, Братіслава, АВ Млинське Ніви 31 1500 грн. Buy
16:45 Lviv, Lviv BS "Central", Stryiska St, 109 10:25 Praha, 1300 грн.
Flight route: Lviv - Praha

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Bus Tickets Lviv - Praha

Bus Tickets Lviv - Praha

Bus tickets Lviv - Prague: buy online!

Many people from all over the world dream of visiting the Czech Republic. The country attracts many cultural and historical monuments, among which the temple and urban architecture of past centuries stand out. And also here products from bohemian glass which beauty sometimes surpasses attractiveness of crystal are made. Private breweries offer many varieties of craft beer, and culinary masters surprise with delicious and at the same time quite simple dishes.

Bus tickets Lviv - Prague are also of interest to those who want to get a job or just live for a while in the Czech Republic. This country has a much higher standard of living, and is paid several times more for work than in Ukraine. Prague has a well-developed tourism industry, so we always need honest employees of hotels, bars, restaurants, shopping and entertainment complexes.

Tickets from Lviv to Prague are in great demand among young people who dream of entering Czech universities. Quality education and a diploma of international standard give great chances to find a job after graduation that will be interesting and well paid. At the same time, young people get the opportunity to have fun outside of lectures and practice. Because the capital of the Czech Republic constantly hosts various music and film festivals, large-scale cultural events.

Travel comfortably by bus Lviv - Prague!

East West Eurolines provides passenger transportation services both within Ukraine and to other countries. The modern fleet consists of brand new buses, which are equipped with special equipment to increase comfort during long journeys.

So on board each bus running on the route Lviv - Prague are:

  • Air conditioning, which creates an optimal microclimate in the cabin;
  • Wi-Fi, which distributes high-speed Internet so that passengers can always be up to date with the news and communicate with relatives;
  • Lighting system, which consists of lamps that illuminate the central aisle and inpidual lamps installed above each passenger seat;
  • Toilet with sink, hot and cold water, toiletries.

Also on board are experienced stewards, who are always ready to prepare delicious food or hot drinks, bring clean water. They will offer a warm blanket if it gets cool and take care of the cleanliness in the cabin.

Cheap bus tickets Lviv - Prague

The East West Eurolines website is a convenient online service where you can not only find out the schedule of international transport. The map of each route is a detailed list of intermediate stops and arrival times for each of them.

Here you can book bus tickets Lviv - Prague for one person or for a whole group. It will not be difficult to return them either, you won't even have to pay a commission! Full information on passenger and baggage rules is also available.

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