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Tickets: Katowice, Poland - Kiev, Ukraine
Departure Time Stop Arrival time Stop Ticket price
00:20 Katowice, Dworzec PKS, ul.Sądowa 5 10:05 Lviv, BS "Dvirtsevyy", Dvirtseva Sq, 1 (1-2 платформа) 1000 грн. Buy
00:20 Katowice, Dworzec PKS, ul.Sądowa 5 10:30 Lviv, Lviv BS "Central", Stryiska St, 109 1000 грн. Buy
00:20 Katowice, Dworzec PKS, ul.Sądowa 5 13:15 Dubno, 1600 грн. Buy
00:20 Katowice, Dworzec PKS, ul.Sądowa 5 13:55 Rivne, BS Rivne, Kyivs'ka St, 40 1600 грн. Buy
00:20 Katowice, Dworzec PKS, ul.Sądowa 5 15:25 Novohrad-Volynskyi, Новоград-Волинський АС, вул. Шевченка, 45 (біля магазину квітів) 1300 грн. Buy
00:20 Katowice, Dworzec PKS, ul.Sądowa 5 16:45 Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr BS-1, Kyivska St, 93 1500 грн. Buy
00:20 Katowice, Dworzec PKS, ul.Sądowa 5 19:05 Kiev, BS "Kyiv", Symona Petlyury St, 32 1250 грн.
Flight route: Katowice - Kiev

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Bus Tickets Katowice - Kiev

Bus Tickets Katowice - Kiev

Bus tickets Katowice - Kiev: cheap and convenient!

Business trips and tourist trips to Poland have already become part of everyday life for many Ukrainians. They go to the nearest country of the European Union to find a job for which they are paid much more than in Ukraine. Some entrepreneurs buy quality Polish goods and resell them in their hometowns. More active citizens of our country go on shopping tours, which are successfully combined with excursions. Well, young people often decide to enter Polish universities.

Tickets for buses Katowice - Kiev are in great demand, because everyone wants to be in maximum comfort during a long trip. East West Eurolines' international transport fully meets the requirements of passengers.


  • Powerful air conditioner works, which creates an optimal microclimate;
  • There is a toilet with a sink, all means for personal hygiene;
  • Comfortable seats are installed, which turn passenger seats into comfortable beds.

In addition, a team of professional stewards works in the salon. They make sure that the cabin is clean. If there is a need to take cover before going to bed, the guides will bring warm blankets. In the morning, all travelers can enjoy a delicious breakfast and their favorite hot drinks.

Cheap bus tickets Katowice - Kiev

A problem that is common to all travelers is the lack of affordable tickets. Previously, in order to book seats for the desired flight, it was necessary to constantly stand in long queues at bus stations or overpay intermediary companies. But with the advent of online passenger service from East West Eurolines, things have changed for the better.

The EWE website is:

  • Round-the-clock information on international and long-distance flights;
  • Opportunity to find out through which intermediate stations the bus route Katowice - Kyiv and time of arrival to them will pass;
  • Online ticket booking, the ability to return them without additional fee.

Also on the site you can learn the rules of border crossing and luggage transportation. And regular and new customers are waiting for interesting and profitable offers from the carrier.

From Katowice to Kyiv: safe, convenient, economical

The company's fleet consists of modern transport that fully meets international standards of safety and comfort. Buses are also regularly inspected and repaired if necessary. At the wheel are experienced drivers who know the road and traffic rules.

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