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Tickets: Kamianets-Podilskiy, Ukraine - Berlin, Germany
Departure Time Stop Arrival time Stop Ticket price
08:00 Kamianets-Podilskiy, Автовокзал, Knyaziv Koriatovychiv St. 19 13:55 Lviv, Lviv BS "Central", Stryiska St, 109 550 грн. Buy
08:00 Kamianets-Podilskiy, Автовокзал, Knyaziv Koriatovychiv St. 19 03:40 Berlin, ZOB, am Funkturm 3600 грн.
Flight route: Kamianets-Podilskiy - Berlin

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Bus Tickets Kamianets-Podilskiy - Berlin

Bus Tickets Kamianets-Podilskiy - Berlin

Convenient buses from Kamianets-Podolsky to Berlin

The capital of Germany attracts, like a magnet, many tourists from all over the world. It is both a historical and cultural monument that recalls long-past events. It is also a modern center where the music and theater scene, the world economy and politics are actively developing. This is a city where you can feel happy just walking through the parks and streets of incredible beauty. Buses from Kamianets-Podolsky to Berlin arrive at the Berlin international passenger transport stop, ZOB am Funkturm at Masurenallee 4-6. Ukrainians go to the German capital to get an education, go shopping, and attend gala concerts of the most popular music groups in the world. And in Berlin, quite often there are mass street actions - marches, carnivals, fairs. All this attracts young people, creates the potential for the development of the arts and entertainment industry. Therefore, in the heart of Germany, there is a fairly large diaspora of Ukrainians who actively participate in the public life of the city.

Bus tickets Kamianets-Podilskyi-Berlin

The modern service provided by East West Eurolines, one of the largest passenger carriers in Ukraine, allows you to conveniently buy tickets for all flights online.  

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And what's important! You don't need to go anywhere with a travel document! It will be sent electronically to your e-mail address. It will only need to be printed out and presented to the bus driver. If necessary, bus tickets from Kamianets-Podilsky to Berlin can be returned and get your money back. International passenger transport company East West Eurolines in Kamianets-Podilsky departs from the central bus station. It is located at the address: Knyazi Koriatovich Street, 19. This place is easy to find not only local, but also guests of the city. Buses from Kamenets-Podolsky to Berlin: convenient, comfortable, pleasant! EWE carrier services are in high demand among merchants and travelers. This is easy to explain — the fleet consists exclusively of brand new comfortable buses.  

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  • Free Internet is distributed via Wi-Fi, gives you the opportunity for unlimited communication in social networks or watching your favorite TV shows.
Buses from Kamianets-Podilsky to Berlin are always a pleasant journey!

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