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Tickets: Stryi, Ukraine - Warszawa, Poland
Departure Time Stop Arrival time Stop Ticket price
17:05 Stryi, AS "Stryi", 4a Bagryanoho Street 23:50 Lublin, Dworzec PKS Lublin , Aleja Tysiąclecia, 6 600 грн. Buy
17:05 Stryi, AS "Stryi", 4a Bagryanoho Street 03:00 Warsaw, DA PKS "Zachodnia", Aleja Jerozolimskie 144 800 грн.
Flight route: Stryi - Warszawa

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Bus Tickets Stryi - Warszawa

Bus Tickets Stryi - Warszawa

Stryi Warsaw buses: buy flight tickets online!

The capital of Poland attracts Ukrainian citizens with its magnificent architecture, low prices for clothing, household appliances and food products. There are also many universities where you can get an international education. Young people from all regions of our country enter Warsaw universities. Some find work in the city and stay in a neighboring country for a long time even after graduation.

Older people are also looking for cheap bus tickets from Stryi to Warsaw. Many specialists in various fields go to Poland to earn money. And this is not surprising! In the countries of the European Union, they pay better and the standard of living is much higher. Moreover, working abroad is a great chance to financially support your own family, pay for your children's education at prestigious universities, and finally buy a car or your own housing.

Tickets for the Stryi Warsaw bus are most profitable to buy directly from carriers. For example, on the website of East West Eurolines, you can not only buy tickets to Stryi-Warsaw without overpayments, but also choose the most convenient flight. The online timetable allows you to find comfortable transport that departs on the right day and time.

Stryi Warsaw bus timetable

Flights depart from the Stryi bus station, 4A Bagryany St. and arrive in Warsaw, at the Zapadnaya bus station, 144 Jerusalem alleys.the route passes through the cities of Lviv, Rava-Ruska, Hrebenne.

Thanks to the ability to find out all the necessary information about the route of the Stryi-Warsaw bus, the need to go to the bus station and stand in long queues has also disappeared. All you need to ensure a convenient trip to Poland is internet access. To the site you can visit from your home or work computer, your own smartphone at any time.

The online service allows you to:

  • get acquainted with the movement of international passenger transport and choose the most convenient flight;
  • book, purchase or hand over bus tickets without overpayments and commission;
  • learn more about the bus route, time and place of stops.
  • this service is useful for those who are going to go to another country not by themselves, but with a group of like-minded people. Wholesale ticket purchase is a chance to get a significant discount!

Bus Stryi-Warsaw: world-class comfort

Every person who goes on a long trip is concerned about the convenience of the trip. Choosing the company East West Eurolines, you can be sure that the trip will be pleasant! On board every modern bus there are:

  • powerful air ventilation system that creates excellent comfort;
  • spacious toilet with washbasin, hot and cold water, all necessary body care products;
  • Wi-Fi, so you can always access the internet for free.
  • passenger seats are comfortable chairs with orthopedic backs. They almost do not feel tired. And if there is a desire to lie down, then they turn into beds in one easy movement.

Buy a ticket for the bus Stryi-Warsaw should be those who want to get the best level of Service. The flight attendant is always ready to prepare hot drinks or a fresh delicious breakfast for passengers. And thanks to the actions of an experienced driver, you will almost not feel the movement of traffic and can be sure of maximum safety!

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