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Tickets: Vinnytsia, Ukraine - Warszawa, Poland
Departure Time Stop Arrival time Stop Ticket price
09:00 Vinnytsia, BS-1, Kyivs'ka St, 1 15:45 Lviv, Lviv BS "Central", Stryiska St, 109 400 грн. Buy
09:00 Vinnytsia, BS-1, Kyivs'ka St, 1 16:20 Lviv, BS "Dvirtsevyy", Dvirtseva Sq, 1 (1-2 платформа) 400 грн. Buy
09:00 Vinnytsia, BS-1, Kyivs'ka St, 1 20:20 Lublin, Dworzec PKS Lublin , Aleja Tysiąclecia, 6 1450 грн. Buy
09:00 Vinnytsia, BS-1, Kyivs'ka St, 1 23:30 Warsaw, DA PKS "Zachodnia", Aleja Jerozolimskie 144 1450 грн.
Flight route: Vinnytsia - Warszawa

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Bus Tickets Vinnytsia - Warszawa

Bus Tickets Vinnytsia - Warszawa

Buy a ticket to Vinnytsia-Warsaw

Many people today need to go on the route Vinnytsia-Warsaw! Buses that run in this direction do not always offer good travel conditions. Fortunately, there is an East West Eurolines company that will make sure that your trip goes as well as possible! So you can safely buy a ticket!

Vinnytsia-Warsaw Bus

In good buses, which are represented on all flights of the company East West Eurolines, you will find air conditioning, Internet, and excellent service in yazkovo. At the same time, a convenient service is also available on our company's website! The schedule contains both the time at which buses depart and arrive, as well as discounts on the options offered on the route Vinnytsia-Warsaw. You can book a free ticket to any seat you like in the cabin! East West Eurolines also takes care of a variety of payment methods. You can pay both online and offline - in a Bank or via a terminal. All you need is to choose a flight by time, pay for it, and then print out the electronic version of the ticket! And you can go to the capital of Poland!

Going to Vinnytsia from Warsaw!

Warsaw attracts many people nowadays. First,those who are planning a low-cost trip. Companies of this type have not yet reached Ukraine, and it is all the easier to get to the same Warsaw, and then for ridiculous money to fly further to Europe. Secondly, those who want to study or work in Warsaw. After all, there are many universities in this city that are always happy to have Ukrainian students, and many jobs for contract workers who will be paid well! and, third, quite a lot of tourists go to Warsaw. They are interested in studying the city center rebuilt after the war in the style of Stalin's post-vampire. They are happy to visit the Old town and admire the gingerbread houses! Warsaw is a city of contrasts, and at the same time a modern metropolis, where there is where to go and what to see-that's what makes tourists happy.

Whatever the purpose of your trip to Warsaw, we will be happy to help you get there with maximum comfort and pleasure!

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