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Buy bus tickets Krakow - Ternopil

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Tickets: Krakow, Poland - Ternopil, Ukraine
Departure Time Stop Arrival time Stop Ticket price
00:45 Krakow, Krakow BS, Bosacka St, 18 11:00 Lviv, Lviv BS "Central", Stryiska St, 109 700 грн. Buy
00:45 Krakow, Krakow BS, Bosacka St, 18 13:45 Ternopil, Ternopil BS "Central", Anatoliya Zhyvova St, 7 950 грн.
Flight route: Krakow - Ternopil

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Bus Tickets Krakow - Ternopil

Bus Tickets Krakow - Ternopil

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