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Buy bus tickets Lviv - Lublin

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Tickets: Lviv, Ukraine - Lublin, Poland
Departure Time Stop Arrival time Stop Ticket price
16:30 Lviv, BS "Dvirtsevyy", Dvirtseva Sq, 1 (1-2 платформа) 20:20 Lublin, Dworzec PKS Lublin , Aleja Tysiąclecia, 6 600 грн.
Flight route: Lviv - Lublin

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Bus Tickets Lviv - Lublin

Bus Tickets Lviv - Lublin

Lviv-Lublin bus Ticket

Why should I buy Lviv-Lublin bus tickets from the carrier East West Eurolines? This is a great solution for someone who is planning a trip along this route. The carrier's prices are affordable, and the travel conditions are excellent: reclining seats in the bus cabin, properly working air conditioners and, to top it all, wireless Internet! And to ride a bus with Wi-Fi means not to waste time, but to spend it exclusively with a good sense. If all this is important to you – then you really should buy a ticket Lviv-Lublin from the carrier East West Eurolines!

Lviv-Lublin bus: ticket price

To buy a ticket from the company East West Eurolines, you need to go to its official website and fill out a special form there, where you need to specify what you are interested in the route Lviv-Lublin, bus, ticket price. Everything you need will be specified directly in the schedule, and the price will depend on whether passengers belong to certain preferential categories. You can make sure that the bus Lviv-Lublin ticket price is quite affordable, right now. After looking at the prices and arrival/departure times, you can choose the most convenient flight and seats in the cabin from among the available ones, and then book tickets, or even pay immediately. For payment, you can use the PRIVAT24 online payment system, any PrivatBank terminal, any Bank's payment card, or a money Bank transfer. After payment, you will receive an electronic version of the ticket, which will only need to be printed — and you can go to the beautiful city of Lublin!

Delicious Lublin

Architecture critics and art historians have singled out the architecture of Lublin in a separate style: "Lublin Renaissance". Can you imagine how beautiful this Polish city is? Many tourists are happy to stay in Lublin on their way to Lviv, just to admire its architecture. And how many labor contractors in Lublin! Natives mainly from Western Ukraine are happy to go to work in this large industrial city, where they are paid for by their employer, and you can save up money to then return home a well-off person. In addition, applicants often go to Lublin to enroll in Lublin universities, and then regularly go along this route every vacation as students. Do you belong to one of these categories of passengers? East West Eurolines is waiting for you!< / p>

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