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Tickets: Ternopil, Ukraine - Warszawa, Poland
Departure Time Stop Arrival time Stop Ticket price
04:00 Ternopil, Ternopil BS "Central", Anatoliya Zhyvova St, 7 08:40 Lviv, BS "Dvirtsevyy", Dvirtseva Sq, 1 (1-2 платформа) 250 грн. Buy
04:00 Ternopil, Ternopil BS "Central", Anatoliya Zhyvova St, 7 09:20 Lviv, Lviv BS "Central", Stryiska St, 109 250 грн. Buy
04:00 Ternopil, Ternopil BS "Central", Anatoliya Zhyvova St, 7 14:20 Lublin, 850 грн. Buy
04:00 Ternopil, Ternopil BS "Central", Anatoliya Zhyvova St, 7 17:30 Warsaw, DA PKS "Zachodnia", Aleja Jerozolimskie 144 950 грн.
Flight route: Ternopil - Warszawa

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Bus Tickets Ternopil - Warszawa

Bus Tickets Ternopil - Warszawa

Buses Ternopil Warsaw

How to see the maximum of attractions in a short period of time? The bus will help you with this. Its route often runs through several countries. Therefore, you will enjoy their beauty without leaving the salon and without overpaying money for a ticket.

Bus Ternopil-Warsaw: where to find a carrier

Don't waste your time searching for services for buying and booking tickets. Take advantage of the services of the company "East West Eurolines". It is engaged in the transportation of passengers inside and outside the country. The company's website presents popular routes at the most affordable prices. To visit the capital of Poland, just buy a bus ticket from Ternopil to Warsaw on our website. Here you will find the bus schedule and can book free tickets for flights. With us, travel becomes more affordable, because our company offers discounts on tickets. So you can go on a trip with the whole family. To resolve all issues and disputes, please contact the contact center. The manager will help you choose the bus schedule Ternopil-Warsaw, explain how to pay for the order. Why you should buy a ticket on the website of the company East West Eurolines:

  • user-friendly website design for finding the right destinations;
  • possibility to book a free ticket;
  • several types of payment;
  • loyalty program & laquo; collect and save & raquo;
  • competent advice from the operator.

Bus schedule Ternopil Warsaw

Buses from Ternopil depart from the Central bus station, which is located at vul. Zhivova Anatolia 7. To Warsaw, regular flights from Ternopil arrive at the bus station PKS "Zapadnoye", vul. Jerusalem Alleys 144. Buses depart Warsaw Ternopil twice a day at lunchtime and in the evening. To find out the exact flight schedule, use the search form by selecting the desired date.

City of romance and ancient history

If you like to walk along the cozy streets and picturesque embankments, then go to the capital of Poland, Warsaw. Despite the destruction caused by the Second World War, the old part of the city was restored. The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the Royal Castle were recreated according to sketches from the 17th and 18th centuries. Warsaw will be interesting not only for its historical heritage, but also for the abundance of restaurants with national cuisine. Having been here, it is impossible not to try Zubrovka, bigos and flaki. The most interesting sights of the Polish capital are:


  • The royal castle.
  • Palace Square.
  • Market square.
  • Vilyanuva Palace.
  • The Museum of Caricature.

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