Buses Wroclaw-Kiev

Do you know why if you want to buy a ticket from Wroclaw to Kiev, you should take a bus ticket? The way from one city to another is not so far that it was necessary to spend money on air tickets. And on the bus Wroclaw-Kiev ticket price is much lower than on a plane or train! In addition, comfortable buses of a good carrier have folding backs of all seats, serviceable air conditioners and wireless Internet! This can not but please, and do not push to ensure that it is necessary to buy a ticket for the bus! For example, the bus company East West Eurolines

Wroclaw Kiev bus schedule

To view the schedule of bus departures from Wroclaw to Kiev on a specific date, specify the desired departure day and click the Search button. In a few seconds, the site will generate an up-to-date flight schedule with detailed information for each of them. In the table you will see the exact hours of departure from Wroclaw and the time of arrival in Kiev. In addition, among the information you will find the exact addresses of departure and arrival bus stations, travel time, the number of available seats for specific flights to Wroclaw Kiev, the exact cost of tickets.

Prices for bus tickets Wroclaw Kiev

The Exact prices for each flight from Wroclaw to Kiev are shown for each flight in the table of the departure schedule. It is worth noting that East West Eurolines regularly conducts pleasant promotions for its customers. The cheapest promotional ticket to Wroclaw Kiev can be purchased for 425 UAH., such tickets are marked with a Discount in the flight schedule. The total cost of a trip from Wroclaw to Kiev on average is 700 UAH.

How to buy a Kiev-Wroclaw bus ticket

East West Eurolines is a very good carrier that really cares about its customers. Based on the schedule, you can choose a flight at the most appropriate price, and even pick up seats in the bus cabin. Tickets can be booked or purchased immediately. As payment methods, the Privat24 online payment system, Any PrivatBank terminal, any Bank's payment card or money transfer will be suitable. Do not forget to print out the e-ticket that you will receive after payment before you leave Wroclaw!

Leaving the beautiful Wroclaw

It is very difficult to leave such a beautiful city! After all, this is the city of dwarves, the city of fairy tales! So, all over Wroclaw you can find dwarfs-ceramic, stone, painted. Dwarves, according to legend, are the keepers of treasures. Can you imagine how many treasures the ancient city of Wroclaw holds?! Here are the tourists coming - for charms, to return with full pockets of happiness. Labor contractors want to fill their Bank accounts with money, because they pay very well in this large industrial center. And students are always ready to study in Wroclaw in order to get a European Union diploma over time! But even on vacation or on vacation to leave such a beautiful city can be very sad. Do not worry-comfortable travel conditions with our company will not allow you to be sad seriously, and you will return to Kiev with a light heart!


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