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Bus tickets Wroclaw-Lviv

Buying a bus ticket from Wroclaw to Lviv is a great idea for almost everyone! A bus ride is very comfortable with the reclining seats and well-functioning air conditioners. In addition, it is not very far to go, and the wireless Internet will allow you not to be distracted from work, from school, or from communicating with your loved ones - you can even watch movies, play online games and read books. Of course, if you take tickets from East West Eurolines!

Bus Tickets Wroclaw-Lviv prices from East West Eurolines

East West Eurolines provides bus trips to a variety of destinations, but with one constant condition: the trip will be as comfortable as possible! As we have already said: Internet, reclining seats, air conditioning and the highest quality service. And this is not to mention the fact that when choosing a bus on the route Wroclaw - Lviv, the ticket price will be very, very adequate. Discounts are provided to beneficiaries! Look at the official website of our company schedule with prices, select a flight, then a seat in the cabin - and you can order a ticket. It can be booked, or you can pay immediately. Payment for tickets is made through the online payment system Privat24, through any PrivatBank terminal, by payment card or money transfer. After payment, you will receive an electronic version of the ticket-you will need to print it out before returning home-from Wroclaw to Lviv. This printout will be your travel document.

The distance between Wroclaw and Lviv is approximately 600 kilometers. The average travel time is 11-12 hours. Prices for bus tickets range from 100 UAH for promotional tickets to 600 UAH for the full ticket price.

Wroclaw Lviv bus Schedule

East West Eurolines operates regular flights from Wroclaw to Lviv. To view the detailed flight schedule for a specific date, use the search form. You must select the date that interests you and click the Search button. In just a moment, our website will generate a table with a detailed schedule of bus departures from Wroclaw to Lviv. In the table, you will see information about the number of flights, exact departure dates, addresses of departure and arrival bus stations, information about the estimated travel time, and ticket prices. Flights with existing promotional tickets for buses in Wroclaw Lviv with a reduced cost will be marked with a red mark.

To Lviv from Wroclaw

Many Lviv residents and other natives of Western Ukraine go to Wroclaw to work or study. Wroclaw is a surprisingly beautiful city, it has a very different standard of living, and living in it is a completely different matter than in Western Ukraine. In Wroclaw, you can work under an employment contract, and then return home, as they say, with money. You can go to a University - the language is intuitive, the diploma is European, and you can go home for the holidays not far away. Both labor contractors and students are happy to buy tickets from Wroclaw to Lviv, and this is not to mention the tourists who go in large numbers to see Wroclaw in particular and Europe in General, then returning home via Lviv. We hope that you will also decide to buy a ticket to Wroclaw-Lviv in our company!