Lviv-Warsaw Bus tickets

Buying a Lviv-Warsaw ticket is a very important task! We must try to make the conditions of the trip as comfortable as possible. And be sure that the price of bus tickets from Lviv to Warsaw by East West Eurolines will be affordable. A perfect option would be a bus with reclining seats, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi. On this bus, you can even work without taking a day off from serious projects. If you buy a ticket for the Lviv-Warsaw bus from a good carrier, you will get a lot of opportunities to have a good time! This means that it makes sense to choose the company East West Eurolines!

Lviv Warsaw bus Schedule

Buses from Lviv to Warsaw depart from the Central bus station or bus station number 8, located at the following addresses:

  • Central bus Station, 109 Stryjska street
  • Bus Station N8, Dvirceva sq. 1 (near the main railway station in Lviv)

The duration of the trip depends on the specific flight, route and on average it ranges from 8 to 12 hours. All buses to Warsaw arrive at the bus station PKS Western (Warsaw Zachodnia) located at str. Jerusalem Alleys 144.

Using the direction search, you can view all available flights for the selected date, the average duration of the trip, departure and arrival stations, ticket prices to Warsaw, the number of available seats and a detailed departure schedule.

East West Eurolines - about us

We are a bus carrier that provides passengers with the most comfortable travel conditions. Do you want to be in touch with your family in the bus? The Internet will allow this to happen! Do you want to get a good night's sleep? Why not do it on reclining seats! The official website of the company allows you to quickly and easily find tickets to Warsaw from Lviv, choose a convenient time and place of departure and immediately buy tickets online. Just do not forget to print out an e-ticket to Warsaw, which you will receive after payment, to present it to the driver when boarding the bus!

Lviv Warsaw bus ticket prices

The total cost of tickets from Lviv to Warsaw is on average 420-500 UAH. However, the company East West Eurolines often offers its customers pleasant discounts, which actually allows you to buy a ticket to Warsaw at very affordable prices sometimes even 100 UAH. Of course, the best way to save money is to plan your trip carefully. Thus, by purchasing tickets in advance, you can not worry about price fluctuations or the availability of tickets in case of increased demand.

Going to Warsaw!

Warsaw is an amazing city. Several streets of the Old city miraculously managed to survive the attacks during the Second World war, and now they look very colorful against the background of the rest of the center, rebuilt in the post-war period, in a completely different style. Many tourists go to see Warsaw. And there are also many students who study in Poland, and migrant workers who earn a stable and comfortable life at home.

East West Eurolines Will be happy to see you among its customers and will try to make your trip as pleasant as possible. We are waiting for your orders!

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