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Bus tickets Kiev-Wroclaw

Purchase a ticket Kiev-Wroclaw — a great idea! It is necessary to select very carefully a mode of transport. Why take a plane if it's not going to be a long bus ride? After all, if you take a bus on the route Kiev - Wroclaw, the ticket price will be much lower than on the plane. But the conditions are — no worse! You will be able to sleep on the reclining seat with the correct air conditioner. There will be wireless Internet in the bus cabin, which will allow you to do absolutely anything on the road, the main thing is to take a gadget with you. This is enough to spend your travel time with pleasure and comfort!

Bus schedule Kiev Wroclaw

To view the detailed schedule of departures, on the page in the search form, select the date of interest and click Search. In a few seconds, our website will generate a table with the current schedule of flights from Kiev to Wroclaw, information about the bus stations of departure and arrival, prices, the number of available seats for each flight, and information about the availability of discounted tickets. From Kiev to Wroclaw, buses regularly depart from bus station number one, which is located near the main railway station of the city. You can get here by metro or public transport. The arrival bus station in Wroclaw is located on 1/11 Sukha street. The average travel time is about 20 hours. When planning a trip, take into account the time difference of 1 hour between the time zones of Ukraine and Poland.

Prices for bus tickets Kiev Wroclaw

Distance between Kiev and Wroclaw is 1135 kilometers. The most convenient and affordable way to get from one city to another is by bus. Promotional tickets for buses Kiev Wroclaw can cost even 100 UAH. The total cost of travel on the route Kiev Wroclaw depends on the specific flight and on average ranges from 600 to 750 hryvnia.

How to buy bus tickets from Kiev to Wroclaw?

On the official website of the carrier "East West Eurolines"you can find out everything you need to know about your trip. Specify that you are interested in the route Kiev-Wroclaw, bus. The ticket price will be indicated directly in the flight schedule. For beneficiaries who take tickets for the next bus on the route Kiev-Wroclaw, the ticket price will be discounted. If you choose the ideal flight, you can book a Kiev-Wroclaw bus ticket or buy it right away. You can pay for your ticket through the online payment system "PRIVAT24", in the terminals of "PrivatBank", in any Bank thanks to the money transfer service, or by Bank card. After payment, you will receive an electronic version of your ticket to Wroclaw .don't forget to print it out before traveling to this magical city!

Magic of Wroclaw

We are not just going to some Polish city of Wroclaw. We are going to a city of beautiful old architecture and & hellip; dwarfs! After all, dwarves in Wroclaw are just everywhere! And dwarves are the keepers of treasures, according to all possible fairy tales and legends. This means that even if the dwarves look like sculptures and pictures, they can still open access to the treasures of Wroclaw! Labor contractors & mdash; to good incomes, which can be achieved in a few years of work in this city. Students & mdash; to the diploma of the European Union, and tourists — absolutely to any fairy tale that they can only come up with, visiting the amazing, magical city of Wroclaw! We will take you to this fairy tale. Moreover, we will do it inexpensively, quickly and with maximum comfort!